I am a member of another religious group. Should I leave the group when joining RKUK?

No. RKUK does not advise you to leave any other religious group that you may already be a part of. You are free to explore the adventure of other spiritual practices.

Buddhism does not stand in opposition to Christianity, Islam or any other religion or spiritual movement nor the teachings of other great sages.

We believe there is no truth which is not already encompassed by the Buddha Dharma because it is the grand truth of the cosmos.

Good teaching—which is in accordance with truth—is right, regardless of who teaches it.

We can illustrate this with a simple example. Nutrition is not something that exists separately from foods such as rice, bread, beans, vegetables, milk, fish and salt. The truth of the Buddha is like ‘nutrition’ in this example; the teachings of the various saints and sages like the assorted foods.

Shakyamuni Buddha did not reject or proscribe other teachings. When a powerful general in Vaishali who had been a follower of Jainism became his disciple, Shakyamuni told the general ‘You should continue to revere the Jain saints and teachings as you have always done’.

However, your present group might have a policy regarding withdrawal. Please contact us if you have any concerns.