Buddhist Centre

Buddhist Centre

RKUK has its Buddhist centre (London Centre) in West London.

The London Centre is located in a quiet residential area between Park Royal (Piccadilly Line) and Hanger Lane (Central Line) underground stations, ideal for meditation. It is open to everyone. Please enter and leave freely. We normally open 9 am – 7 pm on weekdays and 10 am – 5 pm on weekend, and close on Wednesdays and 6th, 16th & 26th (these may change). To make sure the London Centre welcomes you, you are advised to contact us in advance.


Rissho Kosei-kai (RK) keeps in mind that its centres are sacred places for Hoza practice and Dharma study, where we deepen our faith and educate our humanity; places for diligently developing our buddha nature, giving each other encouragement within the Sangha (community or group), and helping nurture our well-being both at home and in our local communities; a hub to help purify society in collaboration with wider agencies and to realise the Buddha’s ideal in this world.

Our London Centre follows this concept and is also equipped with useful facilities for both non-members who are simply interested in RK and Buddhism in general, and members who visit to practise.



Please do not hesitate to ring the doorbell and the director or other members will warmheartedly welcome you.

Taking off shoes will help you shift from the secular mind-set to the sacred. A generosity box is placed here, and making a small donation before walking into the main room will better prepare you to make your mind less self-centred. Find out more about the practice of generosity.

Main Room (Ground Floor)

You may have to come here first of all to see our Gohonzon (Focus of Devotion), Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni―Great Benevolent Teacher, World-honored One. It is in the form of a statue and is enshrined in this room. Most of our services and practices are conducted here.

If you are a member or a non-member who wants to follow the RK’s style, you are advised to chant O-daimoku three times facing the Gohonzon, which is something like making a greeting when visiting another’s home, as well as a prayer for guidance and protection through the practice at the centre.

Founder Niwano left his guidance for prayer on centre visits as follows: ‘When you pray, first of all, please take a look at Gohonzon’s eyes, and give careful consideration to what the Buddha is telling to you’.

Communal Lounge (Ground Floor)

If you prefer to chat with your Dharma friends over a cup of tea or coffee, this room is ideal being equipped with a sofa, chairs, tables and coffee machines.

Shop & Library (Ground Floor)

Enjoy reading books and magazines on RK and Buddhism in general in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Items such as prayer beads, incense and home altars are displayed, and you can buy something you like here.
To learn about our books, goods and magazines, please read here.

Office (1st Floor)

Please feel free to come inside and talk to the staff members. You may freely talk over your concerns, ask questions about RK and Buddhism in general and discuss social issues, etc. For members, it would be beneficial to see the director when starting practice to request spiritual instructions for the day, especially when you serve others.

Special Room (2nd Floor)

This tiny and quiet room is used for multiple purposes such as meditation, personal consultation and a children’s room.