Time and Date
Sunday, 19 March 2023 (10:00 – 11:30 am)

(London Buddhist Centre and Zoom)

For members & non-members wishing to express gratitude to their ancestors

Ceremony marking the spring equinox

Ceremony marking the spring equinox originated from Japanese Buddhist traditions (Jpn. Higan-e 彼岸会) is an occasion of showing appreciation to our ancestors for unceasingly continuing the family line, for giving us life, and for their having prayed for descendants.

Recognising the law of ‘dependent origination’, we express our gratitude by reciting the Lotus Sutra and calling the ancestors’ posthumous names in front of the Buddha and vow to transfer the merits accumulated through our bodhisattva practices.

This event is for members as well as all non-members who wish to express gratitude to their ancestors in Rissho Kosei-kai (RK) style described above.

Online Programme
Please feel free to contact us from the form below with the event’s name in the enquiry by the day before. The host will get back to you soon.

Free. Your donation would be highly appreciated.



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