The Buddha in the Robot

By Masahiro Mori

Why does a robot engineer say, ‘I believe robots have the buddha-nature within them–that is, the potential for attaining buddhahood’, as Masahiro Mori does in this book? How does an engineering specialist look at Buddhism? What relationship does he find between science and religion? What value does Buddhism have in our present technological age? As a scientist who attracts his reader through his practical approach and engaging style, Dr Mori does not take them up into the high mountains to expound abstract philosophy. Instead, he keeps his feet firmly on level ground and his gaze focused on concrete matters. In graphic demonstrations of Buddhist principles at work, he offers a reliable guide for living in the complex world of modern society. ‘What Dr Mori writes about merits reflection; and his writing charms and delights’. – The Middle Way.

192 pp. 13.3 x 1.8 x 21 cm (Paperback)

Masahiro Mori, Ph.D., a specialist in robot engineering and control engineering, is general director of the Mukta Research Institute. He has published many books on his specialty as well as on Buddhism.





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